Summer Programs

Broadway Beginners ages 7 to 12. No audition required. More info….

The Broadway Beginners program is for the young performer (ages 7 to 12) who’s just starting out and looking to get the best theatre training out there. There is no audition required to take part in this summer day program. It is a program designed and overseen by Thatz Showbiz Artistic Director; Sarah Magni. Sarah Magni is a professional actor and acting coach whose experience and educational background hails from New York City.

The quality of learning a Broadway Beginner receives raises the bar entirely. It is a completely new and innovative curriculum with monologue, theatrical skill building, scene work, vocal training, dance, clown, improv, special guest workshops and much more!

This program is for the performer aspiring to be in our Musical Theatre Intensive or for any child who just really loves theatre! If your child is ready to sing, act, dance, learn and have a lot of fun while doing all 4, then this program is for them.

At the end of each 2 week session the Broadway Beginner students take part in a full length final production to showcase what they’ve learned for family and friends. So get ready for a theatrical adventure! Sign up today because every child deserves a chance to shine!

If you have any questions about our Broadway Beginner program please contact Sarah Magni at 647-216-4384 or


Musical Theatre Intensive ages 11 to 17. Audition Required. More info….

The Musical Theatre Intensive program is by audition only and it is for ages 11 to 17. One of the elements that sets this program apart from any other program in the City of Vaughan is that students in our program are chosen to be there. Each child is featured, individually focused on and encouraged. We are able to do this by limiting our acceptance to 20 performers per session/production. At the end of each session the performers will put on a full-length final production. On top of working towards our final performance, we also have special workshops lead by our founder and professional actor Sarah Magni as well as many special guest industry professionals, in which participants will get an exciting look into the professional theatre world. Each student will learn how a theatre audition works and will be given a chance to participate in mock audition sessions.

Thatz Showbiz is a unique summer theatre program in Vaughan with a unique vision. The program gives its participants a taste of the professional musical theatre training experience combined with the gratifying and enjoyable experience of performing. It’s an intensive that for the first time in Vaughan brings the techniques used by Broadway professionals, and the joy of putting on a top notch final performance together in one program. Students chosen to take part in this program are treated like professionals and learn how to be just that, all the while receiving individual attention and care and harnessing and expanding their techniques in all aspects of theatre, improv, voice, dance and audition technique. We prepare our students for a potential future in theatre in its many forms, all the while never forgetting how fun and rewarding performing is. Some of our students will go on to study theatre, music and/or dance professionally using the tools we’ve given them along the way. For others, this is an experience in their lives that enables them to be stronger and more confident in any career path they choose. We have had both students in the early stages of their careers in showbiz and students who are simply in our program because they love it, feel it is fulfilling and enhances them as a person. Whether our students look toward a future in performing arts or just joins us because it is a passionate hobby, the reaction has always been the same…“I loved it and can’t wait to come back!”

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