Private Coaching/Assessment (45 Minutes)

Private Coaching/Assessment (45 Minutes)

Artistic Director; Sarah Magni offers one-on-one coaching in acting, singing, creative development or a mixture of the 3 and specializes in working with performers with intellectual disabilities and/or performers who are neurodivergent, understanding and valuing the unique needs and talents of performers who  process information and express creativity in a variety of neurodiverse ways.  Each session is student centered and a unique creative plan designed for the student is implemented.  We work with all ages and stages  but recommend these coaching for ages 13+ (but we trust we know yourself and/or your child best).   In this 45 minute assessment session Sarah will assess the needs and wants of the performer, do some creative discovery and coaching and provide information on future goals that can be worked on going forward.  The performer can then decide if this type of coaching is a good fit for them going forward.  There is no obligation to register for future coachings. This assessment is done virtually and if the student decides to continue with future sessions there will be virtual and in person options available.  Once you have purchased this session you will receive an intake/booking form that will allow you to select a date and time that works for you.


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